I not so recently mentioned that I was pleased with work that Jet City Devices did to my wife’s smartphone. What I didn’t know at the time was that while the screen was no longer cracked, the touch sensor was not working correctly; it was only occasionally registering touch on some parts of the screen, at best.

When my wife finally mentioned this to me, I mailed Matt at Jet City Devices about the problem. He gave me things to try to make sure it wasn’t software, and said if they didn’t work, to send the phone back, that it was a rare defect.

It wasn’t a software problem. But instead of sending the phone back, my wife just learned to use the d-pad to use most features of the phone, until we were past Jet City Devices’s 90-day warranty on the fix. Oops.

I finally bought a cheap dumbphone (Motofone F3) for my wife so that she would not have to be without a phone for a few days, and I emailed Matt. He didn’t even bring up being past the warranty, and told us to send in the phone and he’d fix it. He didn’t realize how long it had been, I think, so he didn’t realize to give us his new mailing address, as he had moved office. My wife shipped off the phone. (Incidentally, she liked the Motofone F3; small, light, relatively indestructible; I think if she didn’t want google maps and spreadsheets on her phone she would have stuck with the F3!)

After a week and a half of not hearing anything, I mailed Matt again. He worked out that the phone had been delivered to the new tenants of his old space, drove over to his old space and picked up the phone from the new tenants, fixed it, and had it back in the mail that day.

As he promised, the touch sensor is now working.