Months ago, my eldest daughter accidentally broke the glass turntable tray in our microwave oven. I quickly googled the part and determined that it was almost $80, plus shipping and handling; I showed her the price, and inverted a dinner plate in the microwave to hold food up at the right level, though the food no longer rotated. I meant to order a new one quickly, but somehow there was always too much else to do.

My wife made it clear that priorities had changed, so I again googled the part number, and was pleasantly surprised to see the part available for $37 instead of $80, though the discrepancy made me wonder whether there would be something wrong with it. Also, it was from one of those specialty hostnames that always make me wonder. But the site looked otherwise ligit, so I gave (really, Martin Microwave in Chattanooga, TN) a try.

Since it seems that people normally report only bad experiences, I’d like to report instead that Martin Microwave shipped the part immediately, very well packed. Not only did they have the lowest price I could find, they also shipped quickly and well.

I’m hoping not to need to be a repeat customer soon—my daughter promises to be more careful!