Interesting that I can’t edit a post from the mobile app - only delete it or moderate comments. Since I can edit the contents before I post it and can edit the same post in the web view, I’m hoping that the inability to edit posts in the mobile app is a temporary shortcoming…

Michael K Johnson July 03, 2011 21:51

Also interesting that “Send feedback” sits on “Analyzing the page, please wait…” indefinitely (10 minutes?) with no progress showing on the progress bar, so that I can’t report this the officially-sanctioned way. Oh, well, I suspect a) that it’s a matter of time anyway for the mobile app and b) a bug in feedback that will be resolved soon. ☺

Michael K Johnson July 03, 2011 22:04

Hmm, “Send feedback” not working may have been my noscript settings – it worked yesterday with these noscript settings, but maybe google moved things around. Added Google lost image data, sorry! to allowed scripts and it started working.

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