Breathless, clueless reporters are surprised that pilots are in control of airplanes. sigh

Why they seem shocked that the pilots would initiate an emergency descent before getting permission from air traffic control, I don’t know. It’s called an “emergency” for a reason, folks!

Details emerge about hole in jet’s roof during flight over Arizona

Jeffrey Uphoff July 06, 2011 21:40

Guess I had them all outsmarted, then, as I’ve never managed to be in control of any of the airplanes I was flying. ;)

Michael K Johnson July 06, 2011 21:42

So, winning the spot landing contest was pure fluke, eh? :-)

Jeffrey Uphoff July 06, 2011 21:59

Actually, it was. I was trying to do a soft-field landing due to a rather pregnant Adrienne in the right seat, and I’d completely forgotten they were doing a spot-landing contest. As I floated in carrying some power, I saw the chalk line, and I realized that if I cut power…right…now…I might just hit the stripe. And I did!

Michael K Johnson July 06, 2011 22:00


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