It’s not just the patent system that’s abused.

Here’s an absurd copyright lawsuit that will cause us all pain.

The Daily Parker - Time zone database shut down

Tanner Lovelace October 06, 2011 21:16

Just how, exactly, they think that the facts of time zones, even historical ones, can be copyrighted is beyond me. Sure, put them in a book and you can copyright the book, but facts are facts and under US law are most definitely not copyrightable.

But, anyone can sue anyone here so all of us suffer. :-(

Michael K Johnson October 06, 2011 21:18

I know I should be careful what I wish for, but considering that this lawsuit will actually do real harm to real companies, you’d think that they could sue the astrologers for real damages…

H. Peter Anvin October 06, 2011 21:56

This is an intimidation lawsuit that might actually cause deaths.

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