Corey Goldberg

“747’s are big flying Unix hosts”

re-tuning engine management in air…. over Telnet??


“At the time, the engine management system on this particular airline was Solaris based. The patching was well behind and they used telnet as SSH broke the menus and the budget did not extend to fixing this. The engineers could actually access the engine management system of a 747 in route. If issues are noted, they can re-tune the engine in air.”

FACT CHECK: SCADA Systems Are Online Now

Curtis Olson October 27, 2011 22:29

Hah, that’s funny, I’m building a UAV that has optional remote telnet access. You can access just about any parameter or sensor data and set anything that is settable. Completely remote controllable via the telnet interface, which is perhaps a poor choice of words since these things are often glorified remote control planes.

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