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Welcome to The New York Times on Google+, a place for conversation, innovation and experimentation. Rather than recreate the full New York Times report here, we want to explore the unique strengths of this new platform. In this spirit, we plan to take advantage of a few key features available here on Google+. First, this network has shown itself to be a place that encourages deep conversation, and from what we’ve observed so far, many of you are passionate and smart consumers of technology. We’ll give you thought-provoking stories about how technology is transforming our societies, and look forward to sparking debate.

Second, we’ll soon start a series of video hangouts. We hope to use them to interview sources, conduct reporter roundtables around big stories that are being covered from many different locations, or have reporters and editors talk directly with you.

We have other ideas in the works, but we want to hear from you. What would you like to see The New York Times do on Google+?

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