My General Electric built-in microwave has an incandescent lightbulb that cannot be replaced by the consumer. The unit is only seven years old and otherwise functional, but the lightbulb burned out several months ago. Not being able to see what’s cooking is a real limitation. Calling a service technician to change a lightbulb is idiotic and would cost a significant portion of replacing the entire unit.

My General Electric Profile refrigerator water dispenser recently quit working. Additionally, the ice dispenser chute in the freezer door keeps icing up and blocking the ice, so that we have to partially disassemble the back of the freezer door to remove the ice so that we have a working ice dispenser.

I recently replaced my awful (loud, poor job of cleaning) General Electric dishwasher with a KitchenAid that does a far better job of cleaning and is incredibly quieter. It has a much more usable rack arrangement.

I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

Anyone have any recommendations for brands/models of built-in microwave ovens they like?

Arjan van de Ven November 19, 2011 16:36

We have this one in our kitchen:

our space was non-standard shaped, and this is one of the few that fit… and it’s great. The only “downside” is that you need to shorten the cook time a little from what the packaging of the food says, it’s more powerful than the ‘average’ that the food packages assume.

Cristian Gafton November 20, 2011 02:51

Panasonic or LG for the nuker, and Samsung all the way for the refrigerators && freezers.

Jeff Garzik November 20, 2011 16:23

Appliances are essentially disposable goods, these days, with a lifetime no longer than 2-3 years (excluding high end).

Michael K Johnson November 20, 2011 17:22

Well, I thought a Profile was intended to be high end…

Alan Cox November 20, 2011 18:35

high end is not high lifetime or high value in a lot of cases. its a marketing trick to stop the well off buying appliances meant for people with less cash to liberate

Kakie Fitzsimmons January 17, 2013 17:25

So did I. The paint started chipping in mine, less than 3 years old with no resolution.

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