Social networking and recruiting mix oddly.

Not sure how to respond when a recruiter using a gmail account sends me a linkedin message recruiting me to facebook. Would a linkedin recruiter do the same with (say) a Google+ message that links to a facebook page?


Stephen John Smoogen December 07, 2011 20:58

I would wonder how ‘valid’ that recruiter was

Michael K Johnson December 08, 2011 09:25

+Stephen John Smoogen I have no significant doubts as to the bona fides of the recruiter, based on the content of the message. That’s what made it odd. :)

Stephen John Smoogen December 08, 2011 11:55

Ah ok. I got one that way last year from a wall street firm with information that seemed very legit. Had it checked out and it turned out it was a scam. So I get a bit paranoid.

Will Staney December 08, 2011 13:04

The truth is recruiters from major employers around the world are using a variety of social networks like Google+, Facebook, Twitter….not just Linkedin anymore. This is a good thing and should hopefully create some humanness to the process and give job seekers a much more streamlined avenue to connect with recruiters at companies they want to work at and vice versa,

Pete Zaitcev December 08, 2011 14:10

More likely, it’s going to open avenues to repress and blacklist the noncomformant. I heard from “friends” hinting that I ought to drop the gun from my avatar at LinkedIn. It is one step to not hiring anyone who’s gay, black, or Republican. In fact, the step is probably taken.

Will Staney December 08, 2011 16:11

I think what you will see in the future is technology that merely pulls professional information from social profiles (work history, education, etc) to easily put in databases to pipeline and search candidates and less of recruiters actually searching the sites themselves. This eliminates the ability of the recruiters to see pictures, personal info, etc that could be use for discrimination or biases. In the mean time, there are proactive things job seekers and non-job seekers can do to protect themselves like…don’t post ridiculously inappropriate things on the internet they wouldn’t want their boss or a potential employer to see or protect yourself by appropriately utilizing the privacy settings of that social network.

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