Got a response from Senator Richard Burr responding to my request that he oppose PIPA. His response was a succinct statement of intelligent opposition to PIPA, recognizing the dual threats to free speech and innovation contained in PIPA.

So thanks, Senator Burr!

Michael K Johnson January 28, 2012 15:03

Senator Kay Hagan, on the other hand, despite having listed PIPA explicitly as a topic to contact her about on her contact form, has no statement at all, pro or con, about PIPA on her web page, at least that I could find. Maybe I’m missing something?

Tanner Lovelace January 28, 2012 22:29

I seem to remember that another friend of mine wrote her about it and she wrote back about how she supports it. But, that was before the blackout, so her stance may have changed.

Joseph S Tate January 30, 2012 15:10

I got this from Sen. Hagan on Jan 19.

“A recent study suggests that copyright piracy alone costs the American economy as much as $58 billion a year and countless jobs. I strongly support the goal of reducing the theft of intellectual property that is so important to North Carolina’s economy, including our budding film industry, which is why I and 40 of my bipartisan cosponsors originally cosponsored this legislation last July.

“As with all proposed legislation, legitimate concerns have been raised about some of the specific provisions in this bill. I believe that supporters and opponents of the bill, all of whom agree, after all, on the need to combat the theft of American intellectual property, should work together to address those concerns. As you may know, the Senate is scheduled to begin consideration of this legislation later this month, and I intend to approach the debate and amendment process with an open mind. Through a full and robust debate, I believe we can improve the legislation, ultimately reaching an agreement that will protect intellectual property without limiting innovation and creativity or creating unintended consequences.

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