Somehow the topic of “Gilligan’s Island” came up during supper. Not entirely sure how, but the children were intrigued.

This led fairly naturally to discovering that every episode is available for streaming on amazon prime video.

Stephen John Smoogen February 04, 2012 20:41

First season, pretty nice. Second season, oooh. Third.. I used to watch this???.. Gilligan’s Island and the Globetrotters… pain. the pain. [The cartoons of Gilligan in Space and other ones are things to make the kids watch when they have been naughty.]

Chris Brav February 05, 2012 09:32

When I was young, my mother would tolerate a little bit of sex and violence on TV, but no stupidity. That ruled out Gilligan’s Island, but I’m wondering how, given that rule, I was allowed to watch TV at all.

Michael K Johnson February 05, 2012 21:09

It wears thin pretty quick. But it’s been interesting to see what I remember after, as best I can tell, about 28 years.

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