Bruce Schneier linked to this article as one example of a shockingly-scarce genre: common sense in terrorism reporting.

It’s short and to the point.

Americans Are as Likely to Be Killed by Their Own Furniture as by Terrorism - Atlantic Mobile

Curtis Olson July 09, 2012 15:31

The flip side is that being crushed by your own TV or furniture is something Darwin addressed a few years ago.  Being killed by a terrorist is an entirely different sort of thing.  I think humans can (and should) distinguish between death by stupidity, vs. death by unavoidable fate (like a natural disaster), vs. death by old age (lived a long and full life), vs. death by someone else’s evilness.

Eugene Crosser July 09, 2012 15:38

I am suspicious:

Google v. Oracle.

Apple v. Motorola.

EU vote on ACTA.


What next? Improved school education?

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