Anyone tried one of these? Maybe I’d get to quit soldering replacement keyswitches into my old Northgate Omnikey keyboards, which don’t work quite as well with the AT→PS/2→USB adapter chain as I’d like…

Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard for PC

Stephen John Smoogen September 20, 2012 21:07

I am not sure a mechanical keyboard should be quiet.. it kind of defeats the purpose :) Asking around to see if anyone has tried it in my circles

Andy Grover September 21, 2012 00:28

loud is GOOD. :) also, google Unicomp for usb-native clicky kbs.

Eugene Crosser September 21, 2012 02:55

I use “clicky” keyboards, Das at home (Cherry Blue switches) and Unicomp at work (buckled spring switches). If I ever need a new one, I would probably get one of “Tenkeyless” models (without the numeric keypad on the right) with Cherry Blue switches. If you like tactile, but not clicky, many of the high end models have a Cherry Brown variation.

Here is a pretty comprehensive guide.

Michael K Johnson September 21, 2012 12:19

I want lower force than buckled-spring keyswitches; I prefer the alps keyswitches as in the omnikeys to the IBM keyboards.

+Eugene Crosser thanks for that link, it’s awesome!

Michael K Johnson September 21, 2012 14:13

Das Keyboard Professional Model S (Tactile Soft) looks interesting.  Cherry MX Brown keyswitches. Relatively quiet. Has the key layout I’m used to.

I’m not sure that it’s exactly lower force than the buckled-spring keyswitches, especially after reading that page. Maybe it’s something else, but my fingers hurt after I type too long on them.

Eugene Crosser September 21, 2012 15:24

my Unicomp definitely feels stiffer than my Das.

Michael K Johnson September 27, 2012 14:01

My Das Pro S arrived yesterday. I definitely like it. It’s not loud enough to bother people in adjacent offices, but it’s certainly not quiet either, so I can appreciate Matias working on something quieter that still has positive tactile response.

Taking up two USB ports (one for keyboard, one for integrated hub) is odd. I assume that it’s so you can use the PS/2 adapter to get full NKRO instead of 6KRO, while still using the USB hub that’s built into the keyboard. I’m not a gamer, so 6KRO is good enough for me.

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