After Apple’s well-publicized pathetic handling of Mat Honan’s “Epic Hack” (as he called it), after dealing with practically ubiquitous apathetic and useless customer “support”, people still seem surprised that it took a media storm to get Amazon to respond meaningfully after it unilaterally revoked someone’s access to rented content in their cloud.

I buy lots of stuff from/through Amazon. I’ve done plenty with EC2 and S3. But I don’t subscribe to an indefinite-term rental of content I care about, and I’m confused as to why I’m unusual in this respect.

You don’t own your Kindle books, Amazon reminds customer

Tanner Lovelace October 24, 2012 16:05

Hmm.. I’m glad I have all my books stored in Calibre.

Cristian Gafton October 24, 2012 22:12


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