The more I use Git, the more I appreciate it. I’m looking forward to trying this out!

Karel Zak

Just type ‘git clone hg::’ to clone hg to git repository without hg-git or hg convert. Extremely useful.

Bridge support in git for mercurial and bazaar

Michael K Johnson February 07, 2013 21:27

A little longer for the initial clone, but so much faster after that.

Of course, it uses more space than straight mercurial because it naturally has to store both the Git and hg repositories. When I cloned conary, it took 504MiB vs. 95MiB in straight mercurial, until I ran “git gc –aggressive” which brought the git clone down to 123MiB, including the full checkout, the git repository, and the embedded mercurial repository. But the packed git ojbects are only 34MiB to mercurial’s 50MiB repository.

Previously, when I had to go back into a mercurial repository, my fingers kept speaking Git. When I first switched from Mercurial to Git, I kept typing “git pull -u”, but now when I go into Mercurial, I keep typing “hg pull” and then having to run “hg update” because I forgot the “-u”. Now I can return to my normal state of being functionally monolingual! ☺

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