Alan Cox

“That it is the opinion of this House that the time has arrived when the interests of trade and commerce, and the progress of the arts and sciences in this country, would be promoted by the abolition of patents on inventions”

From the debate in the UK parliament in 1869, where they were worried about the inexorable rise of patents - there being 250 in 1825 but now 2292 in 1867….

Its a fascinating read. The same problems we have today (on a vast scale) were present then and beng complained about - including the fact it had been meant to help manufacturers but was now hindering trade

And boy does this still sound familiar

“There was an army of mechanics and chemists on one side, and the other, and they were examined before a jury who knew nothing of chemistry and mechanics and before a judge who might be even in a worse position, because he might think he understood it when he did not”

“The bias of the courts being from the beginning in favour of patentees”

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