My gripe about the new G+ layout is that the “Home” key doesn’t go back to the top. Since I still have my j and k keys to go through the stream in the same order that the vertical layout had, so far I’m finding the new layout a workable solution for the #whitespace problem.

Tim Janik May 15, 2013 22:36

The ‘Home’/’End’ keys do still work here with the new layout (using chrome). You might need to wait a little, I’ve had other hickups previously, it seems not all features and whistles are perfect in the first transitioning hours.

Michael Tiemann May 16, 2013 05:44

Thanks for the clue re: J and K.  It made me think to try / which does the right thing (search bar).  No : however.

Michael K Johnson May 16, 2013 06:23

+Tim Janik Interesting, I’ll try again later…  +Michael Tiemann vi keys seem to go only so far, sadly.

Michael K Johnson May 16, 2013 06:39

Ah, the problem seems to be that “Home” works inconsistently. I saw it work once now.

Curtis Olson May 16, 2013 13:30

Reminds me now of android (tablet) G+.  Newer is always better, right? :-)

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