I repeatedly filed feature requests asking for this, but I doubt I had anything to do with it being implemented… :-)

Ed Chi

I’m happy to announce a new feature for G+:

Translate Google+ posts and comments with Google Translate

Whenever there’s a public post or comment that isn’t in your language, you’ll now see a “Translate” link underneath the text. Clicking the link translates the text in-line, and clicking again returns to the original. (You can set/check your language prefences here: www.google.com/settings/account )

The Google Translate team is always working to make information more accessible to individuals around the world. In Google+ this means bringing people together regardless of their written language, and breaking down language barriers that can limit the exchange of ideas.

We’re rolling out the feature gradually on desktop, so look for the new “Translate” link, and let us know your thoughts!


+Ed Chi & +Lichan Hong 


Michael K Johnson August 20, 2013 16:55

I’m looking forward to this actually rolling out to me…

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