I installed Windows 7 in order to try out DxO Optics Pro. I’m impressed by DxO Optics Pro so far. Windows 7, on the other hand, has so far: trashed a USB hard drive so thoroughly that even testdisk couldn’t find any contents, required reboots to install essential updates about three times per day (most of the time I’m using Optics Pro, Windows is complaining that I’m behind already, minutes after installing the previous batch of “important” updates), required at least two reboots (maybe three?) in a row for one set of updates, and is generally reminding me why I don’t use Windows by preference. What a mess.

But I’m looking forward to the prints I intend to make. Chances are good I’ll buy DxO Optics Pro. Kudos to +DxO Labs for allowing a long enough trial period (a month) to really evaluate the software!

Michael K Johnson August 22, 2013 09:56

+Edward Morbius heh! But if that were true, it would have continued to trash it after I gave in and let Windows reformat it at NTFS. Can’t give Microsoft an NSA pass on this one…

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