The dark side of auto update… I have a 500MB date plan because I typically use between 100MB and 200MB of data per month. About a month ago, I tethered my chromebook for a few minutes to check a few web pages, and it quietly downloaded a 150MB update. Coupled with a little extra data usage from posting pictures on a short trip to NYC, I ran out of data for the first time ever. Then this month, while visiting family away from WiFi, my Google phone downloaded it’s own (you guessed it) ~150MB update to Android 4.3. Combined with (again) posting a few pictures, the same thing happened again. Next month is LinuxCon/Plumbers. Do I need to give in and increase my data plan?


Kevin Otte August 22, 2013 22:45

That’s why I’m with T-Mobile. Busting your cap won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Justin Forbes August 23, 2013 00:07

Plumbers should have decent connectivity at least. See you there.

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