If any country on earth struck American bunkers, airfields, or artillery batteries, virtually every last American would understand that as an act of war… I guess Neville Chamberlain’s Britain needn’t have declared classical war against the Nazis, just “degraded their capacities,” like the Japanese did to us at Pearl Harbor, where they didn’t put “boots on the ground.”

John Kerry’s Lie: ‘The President Is Not Asking You to Go to War’

Kevin Otte September 05, 2013 13:34

I was also intrigued how he emphasized that we’re not being the world’s police. I think I may be confused as to the purpose of police then. Semantics are, in fact, everything.

David Megginson September 06, 2013 11:05

Wasn’t it President Truman who referred to the Korean War as a “police action”?  The Democrats have a long history of police fixation.  OTOH, President Reagan’s “vertical insertion of troops” into Grenada was refreshingly sexual.

Michel Alexandre Salim September 07, 2013 15:50

The US is just doing what it’s #1 regional ally, Israel, has already done (bombing targets in Syria without declaring war)

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