I just renewed my +LWN.net subscription for another year.

I was subscribed at the “project leader” level but the subscription form for “renew my subscription” defaulted to the more basic level. I fixed that and paid for a year in advance, and then got a 10% discount that I would have turned off and paid full price (‘cause I like LWN!) if I had been given the option.

I wonder if dropping the subscription level automatically has caused some readers to renew at a lower level than they intended?

Michael K Johnson September 09, 2013 13:29

No, that was Linux Journal. Roughly the first two years.

Edward Morbius September 09, 2013 14:53

+Michael K Johnson  No kidding.  I’d always thought Phil Hughes was there from the start.  Or … I guess he was the publisher, right?

Michael K Johnson September 09, 2013 15:29

Phil Hughes was editor and Bob Young was publisher for the first two issues, and I wrote a column in those issues. After that, Phil changed to publisher and recruited me to replace him as editor. I was there about two years before I left for Red Hat. (I actually edited my last few issues after I started at Red Hat, because Red Hat wanted me to start right away, and Linux Journal had requested 60 days notice and I gave it to them.)

Edward Morbius September 09, 2013 22:16

+Michael K Johnson And here I was thinking you were just another SAS-head.  My apologies.

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