My son had a loose tooth, and wanted to tie it to an arrow and shoot the arrow to remove it. Then he thought maybe it would be more fun to tie it to a toy helicopter and pull it out that way.

So we tied it to a toy helicopter (the light indoor kind) with dental floss, and it buzzed around at the end of the string, his tooth still attached. It really couldn’t pull hard enough. (Now I need to order replacement parts for the helicopter. Oops.)

Then he reverted to the arrow idea, so we tied the floss to an arrow. He counted down and shot, but didn’t draw the bow back far enough, and the arrow came to the end of the string and bounced back. Brave kid, he asked to try again, and this time drew all the way back – and the floss broke, leaving about six inches of floss hanging out of his mouth from his still-attached tooth.

At that point he gave up and asked me to just grab his tooth and pull it out with my fingers.

The tooth fairy might provide a bonus for creative bravery…

Edward Morbius September 22, 2013 19:02

So … does he take after his mother or his father?

Michael K Johnson September 22, 2013 19:18

Yes, he does!

Becky Bruce September 22, 2013 19:34

You are either the best or worst parent ever.

Edward Morbius September 22, 2013 19:35

+Becky Bruce He is.

(I suppose we should have pity on the grandparents then).

Michael K Johnson September 22, 2013 21:00

+Becky Bruce Do YouTube searches and find that pulling out teeth with arrows is common and toy helicopters apparently slightly less so. Model rockets less common but very cool. But my older daughter did not volunteer any of her rockets for the task, and my son was in a hurry to get rid of the tooth as soon as possible.

Eugene Crosser September 23, 2013 04:45

You absolutely should try a model rocket next time! Just make the thread go through a ring fixed to the ground, lest it goes up and injures the upper lip. A colleague did it to his son, and it worked.

Scott Leslie September 23, 2013 16:52

Sounds brave! I’m sure something involving a trebuchet would make a good video too.

Michael K Johnson September 23, 2013 17:28

+Scott Leslie Oh, he’d love making a trebuchet! He has several more teeth to lose… I’ll pass the suggestion on. ☺

Becky Bruce September 30, 2013 19:05

+Michael K Johnson: You do know we don’t decide what’s a good idea by watching YouTube videos, right? :)

Becky Bruce September 30, 2013 19:07

Get him a copy of Mini Weapons of Masa Destruction:

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