I feel that the NC GOP choose a particularly inauspicious (for them, I mean) day to hang an advertising pack on my mailbox flag… Do they not follow the news? #shutdown

Cristian Gafton September 30, 2013 21:15

It is things like these that strengthen my conviction that liberalism is a mental disorder. I mean, holding people’s government hostage by not giving into GOP demands no longer borders, it is full blown insanity.

Edward Morbius October 01, 2013 00:34

Likely that they won’t win any new minds, but might wring a few additional dollars from the ones they already have.  They’re fighting a rearguard action anyway.

Thomas Schmeling October 02, 2013 20:07

NPR reported this evening that both the GOP and the DNC are capitalizing on this for fundraising and both have gotten big boosts.  The GOP spokesperson surmised that the DNC would deliberately prolong the shutdown for this reason.  Not the GOP, though, who only want what is best for the country of course.

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