Baneheia is a large park on an outcropping of rock over Kristiansand. Kim suggested we visit, and I’m glad I listened. In the late 1800s, General Joseph Frantz Oscar Wergeland sent his garrison soldiers out to beautify “that disgusting heath” by planting (eventually) over 150,000 trees and otherwise turning it into a park with reservoirs for Kristiansand. There were walking paths, but we also wandered off the paths through the ever-present blueberry scrub.

Sadly, we also noticed again the oddity of evidence of small fires set wherever people felt like it. Fires set on sandstone that broke apart the rock under them, and in the blueberry scrub. And in the pools at the edge of the reservoirs, we saw plenty of discarded trash; bags, bottles, and cans. Quite the contrast, given the general care for the environment that we saw so generally displayed. 193xyyl5dp52q.jpg







Andrew J Hutton October 24, 2013 15:26

This looks so much like, well, all of Northern Ontario… makes me want to go borrow a canoe and paddle away from civilization tomorrow.

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