If it walks like a whistleblower and quacks like a whistleblower, is it a whistleblower?

Will Obama pay any attention to the findings of his own panel? Pigs may fly, but I’m waiting for this one to sprout wings before I build any hope for meaningful change from this administration.

Obama’s Panel: A Rebuke to the NSA, Vindication for Edward Snowden

Jeff Garzik December 19, 2013 09:17

This is the most anti-whistleblower administration in recent memory, regardless of political party.  Not much hope, here.

Curtis Olson December 19, 2013 10:52

Barbara Walters just admitted publicly that after 5 years, Obama probably isn’t the Messiah.  I’m sure she was exaggerating to make a point, but it illustrates my point.  When enough of the media turns into fan boys & girls, no one is holding the administration accountable or asking tough questions … except for the other side, but they can be easily written off as haters or fringe elements.  We can’t help but have our own political affiliations and preferences, but no one is seriously holding this administration accountable or asking any tough questions.  They’ve been given a free ride and they are taking full advantage of that.  I think the tide is turning, but turning very slowly … in a two party system if you ask tough questions of your own side, you are aiding the other side, and no one wants to do that either.

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