Discovered why the sprayer hose for our kitchen faucet was spraying under the sink when it was extended… What was more impressive was that it did not leak substantially unless it was extended!

We cut apart the old hose after installing the new hose to see whether we could find the source of the leak. As you can see, when we pulled the hose out of the braided metal sheath, the reason for the leak was relatively obvious.

I have contained the new hose in a two-foot length of four-inch diameter pipe sitting in a bucket. That way, when this new hose fails, the water may be better contained.

I am a bit surprised by the type of flexible tube that was inside the wire braid sheath. I had expected something like reinforced flexible PVC from my experience disassembling a dead sprayer hose when I was somewhat younger… :-)


Michael K Johnson December 18, 2017 16:34

Three and a half years until it died again. Not buying another Moen. Ordered a Grohe. Hopefully paying for quality works.

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