Props to +Crucial — I ordered a t440p to replace my aging t61, but the memory prices from Lenovo were eye-watering. To instead buy it with 4GB and then purchase an upgrade from Crucial more than paid for extending the warranty to 4 years (which makes sense to me since my current system is over six years old).

Crucial lists both PC3-12800 and PC3-14900 as compatible, but doesn’t say on the web site whether the t440p can take advantage of the faster memory. But when I called them, they checked and told me that the less expensive PC3-12800 will perform just as well on the t440p due to the FSB speed. ☺

Crucial: Computer Memory, Storage, and Tech Advice July 02, 2014 11:27

Thanks for the props, Michael. We are happy that you had such a great experience. Please let us know if we can help you with anything else.

Michael K Johnson July 08, 2014 23:25

On the other hand, they deleted my account and their store won’t let me create a new user to purchase the memory. cue sad trombone

Michael K Johnson July 08, 2014 23:36

And when I backed out of the cart and went to add a user starting from the front page instead of the cart, it somehow breaks the password store so that it stores the new password associated with the username “X” instead of my email address. Since I use long unique passwords generated from /dev/random, and don’t use the same email address for all stores, it’s a pain when sites go out of their way to break things. cue sad trombone #2, playing harmony

Michael K Johnson July 08, 2014 23:42

And when I finally get through the 20-click shopping process and click “complete order”, I get a pop-up that stays blank indefinitely. No idea whether the order went through, and I want to put my computer to sleep for the night. I ran out of trombones

Crucial: Computer Memory, Storage, and Tech Advice July 09, 2014 12:38

Hi Michael. We are very sorry for the issues that you experienced. Please contact us directly at 1-800-336-8896 and we would be happy to check into these issues.

Michael K Johnson July 09, 2014 13:10

I gave up and ordered from Amazon instead. Still bought Crucial memory, but the trouble made me look into other brands because I was frustrated that I had wasted half an hour trying to buy from the Crucial store… Spending even more time on the phone discussing how the web store was broken isn’t a very enticing prospect.

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