I should pay more attention to warranties. A few weeks ago my whole-house surge suppressor’s “pilot light” turned off (I check it every time I mow) so I ordered a new one. While installing the new unit today, I realized that I have a five-year warranty on the less-than-three-year-old unit…

Andrew J Hutton July 05, 2014 22:01

Except if you’d used it, you’d probably end up without any protection for months…  and of course THAT is when you’d really need it.

Michael K Johnson July 05, 2014 22:14

The irony of amazon prime is of course that the replacement I bought arrived in two business days but it took me three weeks or so to get around to installing it. I’ll see how fast Intermatic is at handling the warranty claim. Faxing it to them on the fourth of July probably doesn’t expedite handling. :-)

Michael K Johnson July 08, 2014 15:31

+Andrew Hutton Intermatic responded that they approved the warranty claim within a few business hours — I faxed it in on July 4 and got the approval Monday morning — and they’ve already shipped my replacement. Not bad as warranty service goes!

Oh well, now I’ll have a backup unit!

I don’t know whether it will come with a return shipping tag and a return request. If not, maybe my children and I can dissect the dead one. ☺

Andrew J Hutton July 08, 2014 15:39

Wow, that is good. 

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