Why should I be excited about the idea of Comcast buying Time Warner?

Curtis Olson July 15, 2014 18:16

Too painful to listen all the way through … ! Comcast says this was only an isolated case in their Cincinnati office, not representative of the entire organization.

Michael K Johnson July 15, 2014 22:58

I did listen to it all the way through; as someone who would be affected by a Comcast takeover of TWC, I have a particular interest, even though it was painful.

It takes a “special” kind of culture to grow that kind of nasty persistence. I’m not surprised that Comcast is trying to blame the rep, but I’m not buying it. To my ear, that was a rep trained in how to be persistent. He might have had trouble knowing when to let go, might not have had the best judgement of all their reps, but he was clearly reading off a script provided by Comcast.


Block responded on Twitter: “I hope the quick action you take is a thorough evaluation of your culture and policies, and not the termination of the rep.”

I think he hit the nail on the head.

Curtis Olson July 15, 2014 23:31

I think comcast should offer Ryan 3 months of free HBO for all that hassle.  More seriously, we have DirectTV and I have no complaints about the company or the service, I’m just sick of paying $100+ per month for as little as we watch it, especially now that we signed up for netflix.  I’m tottering on the edge of cancelling the satellite service and living with what we can get over the airwaves and the internet … internet streaming has to be the direction the world is heading, even if the big media companies are trying to lock everything down and cut exclusive deals and the service providers are haggling over speeds and throughput, eventually everything important will end up on youtube, right?

Michael K Johnson July 16, 2014 06:08


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