More nuance on the #kitchenaidfail when I asked about other brands: It is true that on our three-year-old KitchenAid dishwasher the master circuit board, control panel, top rack adjusters including three of four of the wheels, and entire top rack water delivery system all failed in the past year and had to be replaced (at exorbitant cost approaching the price of a new dishwasher). However, the repairman was wrong about the pump having failed as well.

Since I was prepared to bite the bullet and buy a new unit, I felt I had nothing to lose by pulling the current dishwasher apart. When I pulled off the pump (easy — remove one screw, turn the pump unit counter-clockwise, and lift it out) I saw that the screens were clogged. Well no wonder it wasn’t sending any water to the dishes! This has clearly been accumulating for some time. (I tested the capacitor and ran the motor on the bench since I had that ability and already had it taken apart, but that just gave me confidence that it was worth putting back together.)

So still massive quality fail for KitchenAid, and I’m still not excited about buying any more appliances from that whole brand conglomerate (no wonder they keep so many, to confuse us when they sell us junk), but just as much fail for lack of diagnosis by the appliance repair company. I’m willing to pay good rates for work done right, but lick-and-a-prayer doesn’t count.

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