The idea of taking out a loan against a house to keep an event going scares the living daylights out of me, but Andrew was trying to keep building community when he did it. Andrew did a lot to build the Linux community, before it was so corporately popular. Please give him a hand.

If you read you will see that if Andrew doesn’t make his $60K CAD goal, he’ll lose 5% of all the donations in additional fees to Indiegogo. I believe we can trust Andrew not to be misleading us about the scope of difficulties, so I doubt he set the goal any higher than what he actually needs. Just over a week left and $36,091 CAD to go.

Andrew J Hutton

Please take the time to read this great blog post by Matt Domsch about the current fund raising campaign.  Things are serious and we hope that the service we’ve performed for the Linux Community in the past resonates with you today.  People have been generous so far but we need to reach more people to make our goals and would appreciate your help getting the word out.

Ottawa Linux Symposium needs your help

Andrew J Hutton September 17, 2014 15:07

It was really not supposed to work out that way; and when it was first set-up there was more than one person on the security guarantee, but at the end of the event in Montreal (the next day actually) he left to join a large and competing organization so had to be removed from the accounts and paperwork which left me holding the bag.

David Megginson September 17, 2014 21:43

I attended one (at Carleton U IIRC) many years ago. It was a great conference, but my focus had already moved up the stack, and Linux had become just infrastructure for me, rather than the exciting new thing it was for all of us in the early 90s.

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