Neil Brown

So with all this “sickness” in the community, what can “I” do about it?

1- Be awesome to each other.  I heard that phrase at and it stuck.  I should set myself a high bar.

2- Don’t excuse non-awesome behaviour in others.  I might not think some behaviour is all that bad, while someone else does.  There is no call to stand up for some behaviour that I think shouldn’t be criticised unless I think that behaviour is awesome.  See point 1.

3- Speak out about bad behaviour when the opportunity arises.  No need to make a big thing about it - that would be feeding trolls.  Just “Please don’t bully”, and then get on with business.

Very occasionally, someone needs to “make a big thing of it”.  It helps me remember point 1. I hope that never needs to be me…

Joseph Pingenot October 09, 2014 16:18

I’m not sure you’re using the right word there in #1.  I cite the Ultimate Reference, <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Bill & Ted: Be excellent to each other!


Galen Johnson October 09, 2014 20:39

+Wil Wheaton put it best…Don’t be a dick.

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