What are the licensing implications of using a tool like this, if they succeed? What if I use it to write Apache-licensed code but GPL and AGPL code was referenced building its model?

It’s clearly permissible for a person to read GPL code, learn from it, and write their own program and put whatever license they want on it. Is this the machine version of that? It seems to me to blur some boundaries…

The $11M Tool That Could Help Computers Write Their Own Code | WIRED

Michael Tiemann November 09, 2014 07:52

This tool could be extremely valuable if it is able to sense that the 20,000 lines of C code just written could be replaced by a 200-line python script, 20 lines of R, or a string of Perl.

Seriously, anything that knows much about the 2B source lines of open source code already written should guide programmers to reuse the existing code, not write new code that duplicates its functionality.

Alan Cox November 09, 2014 08:53

More fun is who gets sued for patent violations 8)

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