Sale on our favorite ice cream: five cartons for the price of two. We’ll have company for thanksgiving, so I bought ten. Came home–and found four cartons already in the freezer.

Now we have seven gallons of ice cream–because we eat dessert so rarely that I didn’t remember that we already had two gallons… That, and no one was looking at me saying, “Really? Are you sure we need ten?”

I quote: “This is why it is dangerous to send men to the grocery store.”

Scudder Mead November 14, 2014 06:50

But honey… Isn’t it everybody’s favorite?

Michael K Johnson November 14, 2014 08:49

Naw, I just tend to buy in bulk to avoid the nuisance of shopping. Sometimes I overdo it. :-)

Karen Storey November 15, 2014 19:09

So I know a few people who will help you out when it comes to consumption. We’re on our way.

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