+Adoramapix has Google account authentication instead of requiring setting up yet another account. I like not having to manage another account. But by default it wants access to all my circles and permission to spam my contacts. Ugh.

Then when I turn off access to my contacts and app notifications and tell Google that with those changes, yes, I approve, Adoramapix says “Please verify that you agree with our Terms and Conditions so we can create your AdoramaPix account (Your facebook account will be linked to it automaticaly).” [sic, emphasis mine]. If I had a facebook account I’d be more worried, I suppose. And someone there needs to turn on spell check. ☺

Michael K Johnson December 09, 2014 08:54

This gets more interesting. When I attempted to check out, the cart wouldn’t let me proceed even though I had filled in all the required information. I had already allowed scripts for Adorama itself. Apparently they require you to allow scripts for advertising networks to place an order. Not that interested.

So at this point I’m left with an abandoned cart and looking into alternatives. Pity.

Dirk Hohndel December 09, 2014 10:28

That is just tragic. I have never logged into any 3rd party website using social media site credentials. I actually never log into social media sites in a non-incognito session. And even with all those precautions I can still tell from the adds placed that both FB and G+ manage to figure out which sites I visit.

Pisses me off.

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