Discounts are effective sales tools. Today, +SeeedStudio has a sale for 20% off custom PCBs. I decided to save about $4 by ordering two 5cmx5cm designs today, then noticed all the other stuff on sale… Bus Pirate, Bus Blaster, Open Bench Logic Sniffer, ATX breakout, BBB rev C; suddenly my credit card payment is an order of magnitude larger than I intended when I showed up. Yay? Eeek? ☺

Eugene Crosser December 10, 2014 09:25

You can say to yourself that you wanted to spend for all that stuff anyway, and you saved 20% on some of it because of the discount. I do that ☻

Michael K Johnson December 10, 2014 09:27

+Eugene Crosser yeah, that’s exactly what happened… And some of it was more than 20% off normal prices; some 30% and 50%. I’m a sucker for rationalization!

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