Good thing Amazon packed my socks in lots of air packs, otherwise they might have been jostled in shipment!


Jes Sorensen March 30, 2015 19:55

One can never have enough air packs!

Michael K Johnson March 30, 2015 19:56

Individually packaged sailboat fuel included at no extra cost!

Patrick Lineberry March 30, 2015 20:12

“+1” to the snark about packaging and to the fact that you received several pairs of Darn Tough socks.

Michael K Johnson March 30, 2015 20:20

My REI socks have not been particularly robust. My mother gave my children Darn Tough socks for Christmas and so far I’m impressed. And the warranty, as we Minnesotans say, could be worse! :-)

Curtis Olson March 30, 2015 21:36

Yes, as good as things seem right now, they could always get worse!

Cristian Gafton March 31, 2015 04:24

The air pockets are not there to protect the socks, but to avoid sudden shifts in the mass center of the box, which is something absolutely hated by the delivery folks, as they make the package a lot trickier to handle. One probably doesn’t get to appreciate how annoying that effect is until you have a need to stack/unstack/shelf a few hundreds of these packages a day, and every so often one of them behaves like a damn shake weight…

Michael K Johnson March 31, 2015 05:17

+Cristian Gafton Thanks!

Michael Sports March 31, 2015 21:10

So just how Darn Tough are those socks? 

Michael K Johnson April 01, 2015 04:29

Ask me in a few years… :-)

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