The “yum update” that put CentOS 7.1 on my CentOS 7.0 home server wasn’t entirely a good experience. The update magically disabled NFS, which I didn’t discover until I figured out that the new NetworkMangler wasn’t installing a route to the local network, and reverting to NM_CONTROLLED=no was the only way I could convince it to add the route. I’m guessing NetworkMangler isn’t very well tested for BOOTPROTO=static but I am a little surprised that it would make this basic a mistake. (And here I was actively trying not to be a Luddite.) Now that I’ve fixed or worked around those two issues, I’m curious to find out what else is broken.

I remember when RHEL was first being introduced, how it was drilled into me that enterprises wouldn’t accept any breaking changes across system lifetime. ☺

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