As I turned on my car today I noticed out the corner of my eye that +WCPE TheClassicalStation​​​ enabled RDS recently. Apparently +Kevin Otte​ ​​noticed this last week.

I remember a few years ago at a WCPE open house being told that WCPE expected never to support RDS because it cost too much headroom. Was there just a change of mind, or is there some change to make it more palatable, like transmitting RDS only when headroom is available?

Also, any intent to broadcast music information as well as the station name?

Kevin Otte April 21, 2015 18:11

RDS doesn’t seem to cost that much space. It’s “HD Radio” that really gets ya. Not to mention that it’s a horrible proprietary “standard”.

Michael K Johnson April 21, 2015 18:30

Well, it was a WCPE engineer telling me that to support RDS would reduce fringe signal quality, thus the decision. It wasn’t a confusion with “HD Radio”; the context of the conversation made it clear.

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