The coil on my fridge is not designed to be cleaned. I vacuumed the accessible half. Need to buy a special brush to clean the inaccessible half. Curious whether the cleaning will show up in the temperature data I am collecting… :-)

Some people post pictures of the food they are about to eat; I post pictures of disgusting appliance interiors! 1asvvyyukys7m.jpg


Kim Johnson June 14, 2015 10:39

Perhaps for fathers day we should get you a new fridge…

Michael K Johnson June 14, 2015 14:56

Cleaning one half with a vacuum cut the idle compression cycle from an hour to 50 minutes. Now I spent $6 on a brush and cleaned out the back half; in a few hours I’ll know whether it’s even better.

Behan Webster June 14, 2015 16:28

A new fridge? What’s the fun of that? :)

Michael K Johnson June 15, 2015 21:06

A new fridge? No fun. A working fridge? More fun. Paying for a new counter-depth fridge? No fun at all.

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