Last night, while I was building a hutch for my workbench, my cell phone jumped off my belt (apparently of its own volition) and landed corner-first on the cement floor of the shop. So today I had the opportunity to sample a local phone glass repair shop.

The glass is now repaired. They claimed that it is OEM glass, but it does not appear to be oleophobic so I’m not entirely convinced. The glass isn’t as flat as it used to be—it looks like they pressed down on a few places on the screen while setting the LOCA. But the phone works, the digitizer works, and it’s sure more useful than when it was a spiderweb of cracks.

The oddity is that after the repair, all my launcher widgets quit working, and I had to delete them and reinitialize them. I can’t figure out why; all I can come up with is that they said that they powered the phone on and then pulled the battery many times as a matter of normal practice during the repair process. The tech didn’t understand how filesystem corruption works; he claimed that all file system corruption results in boot failure.

While they were doing the repair with the UV-activated adhesive, I was off having other work done involving quick-setting UV-activated adhesive—the dentist.

So the dental work was somewhat more painful, but probably more expert. :-)

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