Yesterday morning, our fridge reported freezing temperatures, but my data logging showed normal temperatures and cycles. The temperature display was wrong, and the ice dispenser no longer tried to dispense, indicating a probable motherboard fault, so I bought a new fridge to be delivered today, intending that we would be able to transfer from one working fridge into another.

This morning, the fridge was warmer inside, and the data showed that the last cooling cycle finished about 10PM last night. Our food is now packed in coolers while we await fridge delivery.


Michael K Johnson August 28, 2015 08:01

Kim’s only complaint about me installing temperature sensors inside the fridge and freezer compartments of the old fridge was that I installed too few; she also wanted to compare the front and back as well as top and bottom. So last night, I checked serial numbers for twenty more 18B20 1-wire temperature sensors so that I can thoroughly instrument the new fridge. I have white electrical tape ready to keep the wires tucked out of the way and mostly invisible.

Eugene Crosser August 28, 2015 08:37

Was it the fridge whose back side you’ve deprived of the dust coat? It must have remembered the humiliation…

Michael K Johnson August 28, 2015 08:40

+Eugene Crosser Yeah, that’s the one. I maintain that it quit out of spite and jealousy. ;-)

Gordon Storey August 28, 2015 09:11

Still, fairly good timing for replacement delivery!

Michael K Johnson August 28, 2015 15:10

I ended up installing only nine sensors. My previous harness had sockets that I inserted the sensors into and they weren’t completely reliable (often only four or five of the six sensors were reporting), so this time I soldered them. I also added a 22nF capacitor soldered directly across Vcc/Gnd on each of the six fridge sensors, and the three freezer sensors, being the waterproof kind, are soldered together a meter away from the sensors (they came on 1M cords), so I added a 100nF capacitor where I soldered them together. So far, they are reading reliably.

I have fridge sensors at:

  • front top right

  • back top right

  • back top left

  • back bottom right (above the drawers)

  • back of right vegetable drawer

  • back of deli drawer at right

I have freezer sensors at:

  • upper right

  • middle center

  • lower left

So far the freezer upper left is the coldest location, and the back of the vegetable and deli drawers have hardly cooled yet.

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