Lost the keys for your TSA-approved luggage locks? #TSA has got your back(door)! Download new keys today!

Brought to you by the government that says you can trust them with what they meretriciously call “front doors” in encryption. What could possibly go wrong‽

Georg Greve

Got suitcases with TSA locks? Those locks just became pure decoration.

Your Luggage is Unsafe! TSA Approved Master-Keyed Locks Have Been 3D Printed & Shared Publicly

David Megginson September 12, 2015 07:31

I always assumed they were decoration, or at best, to slow down someone trying to slip something in or out of my bag while I was looking the other way.

This is a good reminder about how stupid it is to allow government backdoors for more-important stuff, like encryption systems. And I want even start on the idea of having a way to take control of a hijacked plane remotely from the ground.

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