Google got the latest stagefright update out for my (personal) GPE S4 today, while Verizon still has only half fixed the initial stagefright vulnerabilities on my (work) S6. And this update didn’t kill my alarms like the last one did.

Definite improvement!

Michael K Johnson October 15, 2015 22:10

Wrote too soon. The fight between the installed clock app and the different clock app with the same manner and logo (and thus indistinguishable) continues. First alarm failed to sound. Can’t trust you to wake me up in the morning.

Come on, Google! When iOS failed to wake people up on two daylight savings time transitions, Apple was properly excoriated. This dueling Clock app problem is idiotic. What did you do, misplace the signing key for the old version?

And no, disabling the built-in Clock app (as suggested in the soi-disant “help” page) doesn’t help. That you even suggest it is crazy. That both Clock apps are locked down and neither can be uninstalled is inane.

Michael K Johnson October 15, 2015 22:25

After an hour of Android ignoring or partially ignoring attempts to disable one Clock app or the other, and multiple reboots, I’ve finally succeeded in disabling the new app and using the old one. Not sure I care which app is in use as long as it wakes me up… :-P

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