My eight-year-old son insisted on making his own pledge to become a WCPE member in his own right, because he loves classical music. He knows something worth saving up for.

I don’t remember exactly when we made our first donation, but I suppose my wife and I have been members for about half the station’s history.

WCPE Secure Pledge Page

Jim Metcalf November 04, 2015 23:25

Your son rocks. Eric loved WCPE and knew all the hosts…and they knew him. Probably the best classical station on the planet.

Michael K Johnson November 05, 2015 06:09

Yeah. It’s not just the music, it’s the people. The people make it unique and alive.

WCPE and KSJN are the only two 24x7 classical stations I know today. I grew up with MPR’s KSJN; we moved from Minneapolis to eastern Wisconsin when I was young and our family erected a large antenna to pull in KSJN from an unreasonable distance.

In college, I occasionally volunteered for WCAL (before it was discarded to MPR), and although it got some college support then, it had a lot of the same feel to be at as WCPE. But now WCAL is just another MPR transmitter.

In any case, I know I’m fortunate to have had classical music on the radio most of my life.

Michael K Johnson November 07, 2015 09:33

He just laminated his new member letter to preserve it. :-)

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