Funny message from +Google+​ on my Google Play Experience Galaxy S4. Hey, Google, are you considered the manufacturer here? How should I contact you about this lack of support for Google Play services?



Kevin Otte November 03, 2015 14:19

“Your device is no longer supported. Please upgrade to a supported device.” or something like that.

Michael K Johnson November 03, 2015 14:25

It was a transient error message. It was just funny…

John Pitney November 03, 2015 16:49

Reminds me of the pass the buck vortex I fell into recently. Toshiba Chromebook + Google Docs + Cloud Print + Samsung printer combination could not print in landscape. Samsung blames Toshiba, Toshiba sends users to Chrome OS support, they bounced me to Docs support, who completed the circle. I suspect incomplete Cloud Print support by the Samsung printer.

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