Hey, Lazyweb… I now have a Moto X Pure with Marshmallow, and I strongly dislike the default camera app. I’m seeing an odd behavior with some replacement camera apps. I have a microSD card mounted as external storage (not adopted) and am writing pictures to it (in DCIM/Camera/). For only some apps, the pictures I take are not visible, either in Gallery or on my computer via MTP, until I reboot.

Camera ZOOM FX and the default Camera app do not exhibit this behavior; as soon as I take a picture it is visible in Gallery as “Photos”. But Open Camera and A Better Camera have similar but distinct failures; the pictures Open Camera takes are entirely invisible in Gallery; the pictures A Better Camera takes show up as unreadable images.

Given that two separate Camera apps have what look like similar problems, I’m wondering whether there is some cause obvious to someone else…

(I’m so disappointed with the Camera app and the quality of pictures that I am considering returning the phone; trying other camera apps is an attempt to avoid that nuisance.)

Michael K Johnson December 25, 2015 19:44

Note that both Open Camera and A Better Camera function correctly when writing to internal storage not using Storage Access Framework, though for Open Camera I had to change the directory name from OpenCamera to Camera for Gallery to notice the pictures.

John Pitney December 25, 2015 23:24

Possibly some camera apps trigger a media rescan on their own. Would something like this help those that don’t?


Michael K Johnson December 26, 2015 08:24

+John Pitney Yes, triggering media rescan seems to help. That is, I saw it make pictures I took with both affected camera apps visible in Gallery. There is still one “unable to read” image that I can’t delete either, but the picture I took just now with A Better Camera was visible after a scan.

Thank you!

Michael K Johnson December 26, 2015 20:50

And http://sourceforge.net/p/opencamera/tickets/110/ shows that I’m not the only one… :-)

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