Weird nozzle temperature setting issue on my #reprap running Marlin 1.1.0 RC3… I have PLA preheat set to 210⁰ and ABS preheat set to 240⁰. If I try to Control→Temperature→Nozzle and set to a value between 210⁰ and 240⁰ inclusive, it automatically changes it to 210⁰

This is annoying in part because I wanted to try 230⁰ for PETG. (Though it seems to be printing nicely at 240⁰ so maybe I won’t worry too much about it.)

Has anyone else seen this kind of behavior?

Michael K Johnson January 24, 2016 15:32

Even weirder, I can adjust to those temperatures while printing, though once when I set it to 250⁰ it spontaneously went back to 240⁰ but when I did it again it stuck. I’m wondering whether I can reproduce the original problem…

Michael K Johnson January 24, 2016 16:34

After a reset, I definitely reproduce it. I can’t even set it to 240⁰. 250⁰ I can. 249⁰ gets magically reset to 210⁰. Very annoying when I’m trying to do an extruder calibration test.

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