I would never have expected to link to a PC World review of a car, but I guess PC World can review a computer with engines and wheels.


2016 Chevy Volt review: The cult hero of plug-in hybrids reaches for mainstream fame

Eugene Crosser March 25, 2016 03:30

Does it have a universal power connector that takes both electricity and petrol?

I was amused first time when theregister’s review of some car mentioned the number of USB ports, a while ago. Would look completely normal now ☺

Michael K Johnson March 25, 2016 06:12

Heh! No, like all other PHEVs I know of, the combustible fuel port and the J1772 spark generator electrical service port are placed opposite each other. I find the charge port location, directly in front of the driver’s door, quite convenient.

I don’t think there’s a left drive Volt made, so the question of location of the charge port in left drive countries doesn’t yet arise AFAIK. I wonder if sales in both left drive and right drive countries is one reason why the Nissan Leaf EV has its charge ports in the middle of the nose.

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